What Talents are Inside You?

“Look inside yourself, you are more than what you have become. ~MUFASA’S Lion King

I was watching a show on TV a few weeks ago. A lady had pain in the stomach for months but didn’t think much of it and kept going through her daily routine. One day the pain became so great that it couldn’t be ignored anymore. She went to the ER and they began to run a test on her, that’s when the doctors founded out, she was nine months pregnant. She went all that time not knowing what was inside her, I’m sure there were some signs that the pain was something serious.

Her story made me think about an out the time I was going through life not knowing there was abilities, talents, and passion within me. I to just ignored all the signs that the universe and life was sending me. I kept trying to fit in and be normal, I thought going to school getting a degree and a job would push those things I had inside me down. I tried to suppress them and made every excuse in the world why I couldn’t do what I really loved doing. Let alone make money doing it, I thought my time had passed me by and I was too old, to damage, to poor. I look at people around me going through life, living with no purpose, no desire to become more. My dream of creating wealth, and doing the things I loved was inside me.

“We’re never in the lack of money, we lack people with dreams, who are willing to die for those dreams” Jack Ma 

I thought I needed someone permission to start, and approval of so-called friends to go after my dreams. I was sadly mistaken, I never got anyone permission. In fact, I got to argue for my limitations, not my possibilities. I was told that unless I was born rich, or I won the lottery I would have to just accept life as it was. Yet still there was something inside of me telling me I can become more in life than that, I believed that I can live life on my terms and not be a puppet.  Les Brown said, ‘you can live your dreams or live your fears”. Like a lot of people in the World, I was living my fears, stuck in I Can’t, and it’s impossible. Until one day I had an intervention. I founded out that I become what I think about the most. If I think I’m a loser, and that I can’t create the life I want, well I certainly never will. One day I made my mind up that I wasn’t going to live in my limitations, fears, and doubts anymore. I’ve seen others become wealthy, successful and live a life of productivity. Then so could I, that’s when things started to change, because I had what I need to succeed in life inside of me. My talents and gifts that I was born with started to make room for me. There is more in life for you to accomplish, you have abilities, ideas, and talents that were given to you. Don’t take all your treasure with you to the grave, the world would be a better place if you lived your life with purpose.

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose”. Dr Myles Monroe

Take the Risk to Grow, to Love, to be Happy with no limits

   Life is full of risk, there is no way around them, our lives are filled with risk of all sorts both small and great. These risk are inevitable regardless where we stand financially, economically and personally. There are mainly two types of risk; the first is risk that you don’t take, and the other is the risk that you do take. Your whole life has been governed by those two risk factors, they started so long ago that you never realize it until someone pointed them out. From the time you were born your parents were gauging the risk for you, they did what any normal parent would do, and that’s protect you from known risk that would hurt or harm you emotionally. Some people call them, scare’s, maybe as a child you were nearly drowned, or left in a dangerous predicament that left a scare which time is still healing. These risk that you were initially protected form were fine at first but as you got older they have done more harm than good. Some of them are road blocks because they keep you boxed up and hinders growth. Take the risk to grow, to love, to be happy and live life to the fullest.

Do what is easy and your life will be hard, do what is hard and your life will be easy”. ~Les Brown 

     These two risk are connected to your environments , and people you associate with in life. The risk you don’t take, are easy to believe in, the work to obtain them is nothing compare to those who  take the risk; more so than the risk you don’t take. I say this because it doesn’t require any growth, or development at all. The risk you don’t take is safe, and comfortable. All a person have to do is follow the script there given. There are so many people in careers, working 9 to 5 jobs and in professions which they never intended.They all are simply following the script that someone gave them. They told them what field to work in, what job to take, and even how to live their lives. What ‘s comfortable to you can kill you. The risk you don’t take doesn’t require any real test, in fact it so easy that you can obtain it without much effort at all. The risk you don’t take is safe, it’s plan, mediocre and boring. Yes, all the bills are paid, you have a nice house, car and the job pays well. You can take vacations every year, and visit family during the holidays, most of the time. The risk you don’t take is more rewarding in the begging, and on the surface everything looks like what everyone told you to do is panning out well. No risk no reward, most people who take the easy way out, often reach the end of their  life full of regret, all because they didn’t muster the courage to live their dream. 

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk, In a world that’s changing really quickly, the strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risk”. ~Mark Zuckerberg