The Seed must Grow into Greatness

”The biggest adventure we can take is to live the life of our dreams”. ~ Opera Winfrey 

      Our mind is like a seed; a seed cannot grow in an environment that’s conducive to its purpose. A seed can never grow into what its meant to be until it’s put into an environment that will help it grow. You can never become who you were meant to be until you get into an environment that is conducive for growth and development. You were meant to do, and be more than just sit on some table. A seed cannot grow or become the tree it was meant to be until its put in the right soil. Your life will never produce what it should until you are put in the right soil. That soil is the mind of possibilities, it’s positive thinking and a belief that it’s possible. It’s surrounding yourself with people that want more than an average life.

You were meant to do extraordinary things. Until that seed is planted in the right soil it will never reach it’s potential. Negative people and those who tell you that it’s too hard, wait it’s not your time, and remember you failed the last time you tried. People who tell you to play it safe, and don’t take the risk.

      These people want you to remain a seed. They want you to remain useless and unfulfilled like they are, living a life full of regret. You are meant to be more than that, you are meant to become a tree, rather it’s a banana tree, apple tree, pear tree, an oak tree or whatever kind of tree it is; you were meant for greatness, not mediocrity. Staying on the table, or somewhere you’re not meant to be, staying in your comfort zone can kill you. You will never know what you were meant to be until you get off the table of life, get out that back pocket of self-pity, get out that place you aren’t meant to be. These places or jobs, relationships, and careers that you shouldn’t be.

“If you are not in the process of becoming the person you want to be; you are automatically engaged in becoming the person you don’t want to be”. ~ Dale Carnegie

      You’re a seed and you must be planted in good soil, then watered to grow. Water with positive words, books that help you grow, and consistently watching what you allow in your head. Stand guard at the gates of your mind protect it from trash, from people who are doing nothing but passing time. You can’t just get planted somewhere that isn’t good and expect to grow. A seed has to be watered to start the process of growth and development. It’s a process to become what you’re meant to be, and you can never become the great person you should be without going through the process of being, planted, watered and waiting to sprout out the ground. You have greatness within you but you have to be planted in the right environment, watered and given time to grow into something great. Decide today to get off the couch of average, negativity, and fear and become the person you were always supposed to be in life. 

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